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Support our food delivery service today

The coronavirus epidemic has impacted the lives of the whole nation, but the effects this will have on those who already face poverty daily will be devastating. 


Livelihoods are in jeopardy, virtual services are closed indefinitely, and access to food will become more challenging, but the Redmond Community Centre (RCC) wants to relive some of this pressure.

The RCC team has teamed up with Berkeley Homes and have opened 'Hackney Emergency Food Hub' a free food delivery service. A front line team of local residents and volunteers are preparing, cooking, and delivering healthy and nutritious hot meals straight to some most vulnerable members of Woodberry Down, North London.











So, what does a donation mean for our food delivery service?

Right now, we are reaching 50 households, but we know they're many more residents in need. These include the elderly, the isolated, those with underlining health issues, and families who are already struggling with financial pressures and strains.

We need as much money raised as possible. More money equals more meals. We rely on the generosity of supporters like you who believe like we do that no one should be suffering through this epidemic unnecessarily.


How you can donate:

£5 can feed dinner for a family of 4! We can’t do it alone. Give what you can. Your community needs you. Click here to land on our JustGiving page where you can donate what you can today. 


How will this work?

Food is being cooked and prepared in our certified kitchen by professional kitchen chefs and volunteers. These tasty meals are then being sent on their way on cargo bikes and delivered by our non-contact volunteer couriers to vulnerable households.

These volunteer couriers may be the only contact those who are isolated will be speaking with while on lockdown. We have the unique opportunity to ask about their welfare and refer them to other local service providers who are still operating while the country is on lockdown. 

The RCC is immensely proud of their dedicated front line team. Click here to find out about the faces behind the surgical face masks, who are making this initiative possible.

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