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Since we opened our kitchen doors to feed our most vulnerable households, who have been gravely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, hundreds of hot and nutritious meals have been prepared and delivered by our incredible front line workers and volunteer team. 

We wouldn't be able to reach the hundreds of households without our frontline crew. They deserve a light to be shone on their selfless work. To show your support, you can donate to our food emergency service campaign by clicking here.


Fionnuala Keane-Conley

Volunteer Coordinator

Finn is a longtime resident of Woodberry Down. 

She is also a sales associate for Woodberry Blooms, the florist enterprise where all proceeds from their sales go to community projects at the Redmond Community Centre.


Fun fact: Finn also have a BA in sculpture! 

Lydia Batcholar

Lead food facilitator

Lydia is a long term facilitator for the Redmond Community Centre. She has been working with us on many community projects  for over 10 years.

Lydia runs the ever popular 'Lunchclub' for seniors amongst organising other community initiatives

Fun fact: Lydia has her community organisation called Barazza.

Sharon (Jahla) Marshall

Logistics volunteer

Sharon is a long time resident and facilitator at the Redmond Community Centre.

Since her days delivering her wellbeing project 'Reggaetivity" Sharon has now branched off and created her own voluntary organisation called 'Sekhem Arts"

Fun fact: Sharon had a dance off with AJ and Curtis from Strictly Come Dancing! 

Simon Slater



Simon Slater is on the board for WDCO and has been involved in many community projects for the Woodberry Down community.

Simon is a bike fanatic and you may see him riding along the streets oF Woodberry Down.


 front line COVID-19 team member

long time resident of Woodberry Down.

Fun fact:  Andrea is a key member and on the board of the Woodberry Down community garden. 

Andrea with lots of sandwiches that have

Jemma Morton

Centre worker and COVID-19 team member

Jemma has been with the centre for over 5 years when she started as an apprentice for the the Redmond Community Centre team.


Fun fact: Jemma is a fan comic con and has been to many of their events!

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