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Downloadable nature at home worksheets. 

You can still enjoy and appreciate nature without having to venture too far. Hackney Herbal have created nature themed activity worksheets that you can do alone or with your fellow quarantined household.

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Back in 2015, Hackney Herbal set out on a mission to show people how to incorporate herbs into their lifestyles, for health and improved wellbeing.


The idea came from a desire to create more value out of the herbs that were being grown in private, public and community gardens.

We are now growing herbs in a patchwork of sites around Hackney and from these we create unique herbal tea blends. The funds from the sale of these go towards free community activities in Hackney, which bring people together to learn, share knowledge and be inspired.



Get your downloadable nature sheets here. Just click on what you fancy and get downloading!

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