The Redmond Community Centre and Manor House Development Trust

Many of the free activities you see at the Redmond Community Centre are funded and delivered by Manor House Development Trust based in Woodberry Down, North London.


We believe that no matter your background, or where life has taken you, everyone deserves to access services that:

  • Improve physical and mental wellbeing

  • That create meaningful relationships and fight off isolation

  • To access training opportunities and provide ongoing support

  •  That help build stronger and more resilient communities

Sadly, such services aren't easy for everyone to access in North London, either because of financial strain, mental or physical health issues, social isolation or lack of job and education opportunities. This is where we step in, what we offer is either free or cost-effective community services, with the aim to create lasting benefits. This approach allows the community to lead and determine its future.


We rely heavily on funding to ensure these to community services stay either free or cost-effective, go to our donation page to see where your money goes. 




Together we can

make sure these

vital services

continue to make

a difference in

people's lives.

Call: 0208 802 7580


The Redmond Community Centre

Kayani Avenue,Woodberry Down

N4 2HF

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